Apex Companies 20-Year Anniversary: Remarkable Warehouse Mastery

Apex Companies 20-Year Anniversary
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Celebrating a significant milestone, Apex Companies reflects on its evolution over two decades, marking the Apex Companies 20-Year Anniversary with a strengthened resolve to continue solving complex warehouse challenges for clients nationwide​.

In the heart of Chicago, a fledgling company named Apex Companies embarked on a journey in 2003 with a vision not just to provide forklifts, but to solve the gritty, complex problems warehouse operators face daily.

Fast forward 20 years, and Apex Companies is now a national beacon of warehouse solutions, celebrating two decades of remarkable growth and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Principal John Paul Turcich‘s early vision was simple yet profound, “I knew we could put together something different and be an advocate for the customer.” This ethos has bloomed into what is affectionately called “The Apex Way,” a client-first mentality embedded in the daily operations across its five business units.

“The difference between success and failure is the execution. I believe it’s a part of our company’s DNA to do the absolute best for our clients and ensure that they get the win,” Turcich reflects on the journey so far. His words echo through the company’s diverse solutions, extending beyond forklifts to a full spectrum of material handling needs.

As Bill DeHaan, Principal at Apex Storage LLC, puts it, “As their businesses expand, they look to us to help make them more efficient.” This readiness to adapt to client needs saw Apex growing its professional installation services, now boasting 12 national installation teams, creating a seamless bridge between warehouse design and implementation.

Moreover, the inception of the Rack Repair & Safety division underlines Apex’s proactive approach to emerging industry challenges, providing professional pallet rack inspections and damage repair services.

The most recent feather in their cap, Apex Automation Solutions, pioneers in exploring automation technologies, addressing long-standing industry hurdles from reducing labor reliance and costs to managing inventory and supply chains.

Over two decades, partnerships have been the cornerstone of Apex’s success. Peter DeHaan, Principal, cherishes each project as a trinity of collaboration between Apex employees, customers, and vendors. “If everyone’s on the same page and synced up, that delivers the best customer experience and drives to our collective success,” he shares.

As Apex Companies stands at the 20-year mark, its eyes are set on the future, ready to evolve alongside the expanding needs of their clients, ensuring they continue to lead in optimizing warehouse operations.

The 20-year anniversary is not merely a reflection of past successes but a stepping stone towards a future filled with opportunities to solve the next set of warehouse challenges awaiting on the horizon.

The story of Apex Companies is a testament to what a clear vision, coupled with a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction can achieve over time. It’s an inspiring narrative for the industry, showing that with the right approach, the journey from a local supplier to a national industry leader is not only possible but an adventure filled with learned lessons, forged partnerships, and a legacy of innovation.


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