Sun Equipment Debuts Innovative & Advanced Forklift Site

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Sun Equipment, America’s #1 supplier of high-quality, affordable used forklifts, has launched an innovative new website aimed at simplifying the procurement process for customers seeking material handling solutions. 

The redesigned, state-of-the-art website reflects Sun Equipment’s dedication to providing an informative, seamless experience for businesses looking to invest in reliable used forklifts or other lift trucks.

Extensive Digital Showroom Shows Off Vast Inventory

The standout feature of Sun Equipment’s new website is the extensive digital showcase that allows customers to browse and explore the company’s vast inventory of used forklifts. 

Everything from barely-used models to older reconditioned units is displayed with detailed specifications, maintenance history, competitive pricing, and high-res images so buyers can make informed decisions. 

Customers can easily home in on the perfect lift truck for their needs and budget thanks to the intuitive categorized listings for the full range of electric forklifts, ICE cushion tire forklifts, ICE pneumatic tire forklifts, narrow aisle trucks, order pickers, stackers, telehandlers and more.

Advanced Search Functionality Streamlines the Process

Finding the right forklift is easier than ever with Sun Equipment’s advanced search filters incorporated seemlessly into the user-friendly website. Customers can instantly refine listings based on brand preferences like Toyota, Hyster, Crown, Raymond or others as well as sort by capacity, lift height, fuel type and truck type. This allows buyers to zero in on the exact used forklifts that fit their application.

Complete Transparency Provides Peace of Mind

Reliability is key for material handling operations so Sun Equipment offers complete transparency around each used forklift’s working condition, maintenance requirements, replacement parts needed and any refurbishment done by their technicians during the reconditioning process prior to sale. This wealth of details aims to establish trust and peace of mind for customers about the quality of the company’s used equipment.

Real-World Proof Through Customer Success Stories

The website also prominently features testimonials from Sun Equipment’s many satisfied customers across industries like aviation, agriculture, food & beverage, lumber, manufacturing, warehousing and more. 

Their first-hand accounts detail how the company’s used forklifts improved efficiency, productivity and operations. These inspirational case studies serve as proof points for prospective buyers to recognize the potential gains of investing in Sun’s used forklifts.

Built For Accessibility via Mobile or Desktop

The new website implements responsive design best practices so customers can seamlessly access the used forklift inventory and purchasing system across desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. This allows buyers the flexibility to browse or buy whenever and wherever convenient.

With their feature-packed new website, Sun Equipment has set the standard for simplifying and modernizing the procurement experience. Discover why they are the undisputed leaders in providing affordable quality used forklifts perfectly suited to demanding material handling applications. Visit and experience the next generation of forklift shopping.



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