Discover NOBLELIFT Advanced LPG Forklifts: FL4P50N-70N Series

NOBLELIFT’s Advanced LPG Forklifts: FL4P50N-70N Series
NOBLELIFT LPG Forklifts: FL4P50N-70N Series ( Image credit: NOBLELIFT North America )

Summary: NOBLELIFT North America introduces the FL4P50N 70N Series, advanced LPG Pneumatic Forklifts, designed for superior efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability in material handling.

NOBLELIFT North America (NNA) is a player in the material handling industry, leading the way in advancements. Globally recognized for their groundbreaking work in Lithium technology, they manufacture a range of performance and low-maintenance equipment.

From sit-down forklifts to scissor lifts, NNA has established its presence in more than 100 countries across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Renowned for its ability to create equipment that balances productivity and cost-effectiveness, NNA continues to push boundaries regarding efficiency and ergonomic design.

NOBLELIFT Latest Breakthrough: The FL4P50N 70N Series LPG Pneumatic Forklifts

NOBLELIFT North America unveiled their innovation. The FL4P50N 70N Series. These LPG Pneumatic Forklifts have been specifically designed to redefine efficiency and durability in material handling tasks. With reliability, they excel at moving quantities and heavy loads for demanding applications.

The Essence of Robust Engineering

At the heart of the FL4P50N 70N series lies a commitment to construction. These forklifts are built with a steel chassis, axles, mast, and overhead guard. They ensure superior strength and stability during challenging lifting operations.
Their design suits challenging environments, like lumber yards, brick-and-stone distribution centers, specialized warehouses, and heavy-duty manufacturing facilities.

Unmatched Reliability and Safety Features

At NOBLELIFT, safety and reliability are given priority in their design philosophy. The series boasts a radiator with a heat dissipation system that efficiently keeps the engine running under demanding workloads. 

Intelligent buffering ensures protection for both the cargo and the ground during operations. To enhance safety, they have incorporated an Operator Presence System (OPS) that disables lift and tilt controls while preventing movement when the operator is not seated.

Advancements in Ergonomics and Visibility

NOBLELIFT takes operator comfort seriously, so they have meticulously designed the cab for ease. The mast layout has been optimized to provide visibility, ensuring safety and efficiency during operation

Operator fatigue is minimized with an entrance height and a deluxe suspension seat. They have also introduced on-demand Hydrostatic Power Steering and automotive-style controls to streamline the handling experience.

Simplified Maintenance and Environmentally Conscious Approach

Keeping up with the standards, The Hyundai L4KB Engine delivers exceptional performance and fuel efficiency and adheres to EPA Tier IV Final and EU Stage V emission regulations. Maintenance is made simple with access to the engine and other components facilitated by an air spring-assisted engine cover.

The Powerhouse: Hyundai L4KB Engine

At the core of these forklifts lies the Hyundai L4KB Engine. This engine showcases power and efficiency, boasting specifications such as a rating of 60.8 HP/2,600 rpm, four cylinders, and a displacement of 2.4L. Its design ensures acceleration ability to navigate slopes and swift travel speeds, making it an ideal choice for demanding tasks.

Commitment to Environmental Preservation

NOBLELIFT’s dedication to responsibility is demonstrated by its engine’s compliance with strict emission standards and its use of eco-friendly materials. This includes asbestos brake shoes and advanced sealing gaskets, highlighting the company’s commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Service and Support: A Key Principle in NOBLELIFT's Philosophy

NNA goes beyond manufacturing by providing comprehensive assistance in parts, service, and training support. They ensure that every customer receives help to maximize the potential of their equipment. 

The modular frame design of the FL4P50N 70N series aligns with NOBLELIFT diesel and Electric forklifts, simplifying spare parts inventory management while reducing maintenance costs.

A Global Outlook

NOBLELIFT’S global presence is characterized by its ability to adapt to diverse market requirements.

Whether tackling Africa’s challenging terrains or meeting markets’ efficient requirements, NOBLELIFT has developed a range of material handling equipment that caters to diverse operational needs. 

This global perspective does not enhance the need to improve their product designs. It also ensures that they stay attuned to the evolving demands of the material handling industry worldwide.

Looking towards the future, NOBLELIFT remains focused on innovation, prioritizing solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also sustainable and user-friendly. Introducing the FL4P50N 70N series is a step towards this vision, offering a product that combines strength, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.


In summary, the launch of NOBLELIFT North Americas FL4P50N 70N Series LPG Pneumatic Forklifts marks a milestone in the material handling industry. By integrating engineering with design and environmental consciousness, these forklifts are poised to revolutionize efficiency and productivity standards across various industrial settings. For information about the FL4P50N 70N Series and other products by NOBLELIFT, please visit NOBLELIFT North America site.



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