Fuchs F120 MH Material Handler: The New Port Titan

Fuchs F120 MH Material Handler

The Fuchs F120 MH Material Handler emerges as a groundbreaking innovation in port logistics, combining unparalleled power with efficiency to redefine material handling standards.

Port logistics, a domain that thrives on innovation and efficiency, has seen a revolutionary upgrade with the introduction of Fuchs’ F120 MH. This German-engineered marvel stands as a testament to Fuchs‘ prowess in specialized material handling equipment, and it’s evident that they’ve left no stone unturned in its development.

With a staggering output of up to 670 hp and an impressive service weight reaching 330,700 lbs, the F120 MH not only holds the title of the largest and heaviest Fuchs machine to date but also promises unmatched operational capabilities1.

One of the machine’s standout features is its maximum reach of 91’10”, working in tandem with the uniquely designed banana boom. This combination significantly streamlines the unloading of bulk freighters and barges, addressing a crucial need in port operations.

The height-adjustable cabin system, with a phenomenal viewing height of up to 39’4″, ensures operators can oversee operations seamlessly, optimizing both safety and productivity.

Inside, the F120 MH houses the Fuchs Comfort Cab, a meticulously designed workspace that offers soundproofed, heat-protected panoramic windows, ensuring operators have all-around visibility. The cab is further enhanced with a large panoramic roof, ensuring optimal overhead visibility1.

The machine’s modular design allows for customization, catering to diverse operational needs. It offers various undercarriage options, including tracked, mobile, stationary, and portal undercarriages. Such versatility ensures the F120 MH can adapt to a wide range of port environments and requirements1.

In today’s age, where energy efficiency is paramount, the F120 MH doesn’t disappoint. It incorporates the Fuchs Blue Hybrid System, which intelligently stores excess energy when lowering the loading equipment.

This innovative feature allows for energy savings of up to a whopping 35%. When you combine the 469 hp (EU Stage V/III) with the 201 hp from the Blue Hybrid System, you get a system performance that’s truly unparalleled1.

The machine is also equipped with a robust, FEM-optimized loading device designed specifically for heavy-duty material handling applications. The optimized range curve of the banana boom is another highlight, making the unloading of bulk carriers and barges more efficient1.

Maintenance, a critical aspect of any industrial machinery, sees significant enhancements in the F120 MH. The Fuchs Service Platform, unique in the market, ensures that maintenance work can be completed quickly, safely, and comfortably. It provides convenient access to the engine compartment, Fuchs Hybrid system components, main control block, central lubrication system, air filters, tanks, and much more1.

To sum it up, the F120 MH is more than just a machine. It represents Fuchs’ vision for the future of port logistics – a future that’s efficient, safe, and sustainable. As the industry takes note, it’s evident that the F120 MH will pave the way for innovations in port operations for years to come.




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