Combilift Celebrates 25 Years with Game-Changing Innovations

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Summary: Highlighting Combilift 25th-anniversary innovations, the global forklift leader marks its silver jubilee with the introduction of five transformative products. These innovations are set to redefine sectors from offshore wind to fleet management, emphasizing Combilift’s commitment to industry-leading advancements.

Monaghan, Ireland – Global forklift industry leader Combilift marked a significant milestone with its 25th-anniversary celebrations at its Monaghan headquarters. The event saw a gathering of over 200 international journalists and the unveiling of groundbreaking products that are set to redefine the industry.

Martin McVicar, CEO of Combilift, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing technology by stating that “improving efficiencies and safety should be a higher priority for warehouses before they go the autonomous vehicle route.”

Revolutionizing Offshore Wind Handling: Combi-LC 

In a significant move, Combilift launched the Combi-LC, a load carrier developed in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa. Aimed at catering to the burgeoning offshore wind sector, this equipment is designed to transport hefty wind turbine blades and towers, handling loads of up to 115m and 70t with unprecedented efficiency.

Josh Moffett, Combilift’s Heavy Equipment Manager, envisions the Combi-LC as the gateway to more significant strides in the wind energy sector. He projects a staggering revenue of over €50 million (around R1 billion) annually by 2026 from this venture.

Smart Tech in Action: Combi-AGT & Combi-Connect 

Another highlight was the launch of the Combi-AGT, an autonomous forklift designed for long hauls. Incorporating the latest innovative technology, it boasts a dual-operational mode, offering manual functioning during internet downtimes.

Supplementing this tech innovation is Combi-Connect, a telematics software. As described by Combilift engineer Antonio Patacho, it aids businesses in “making small and effective changes that yield significant results and savings.”

Pushing Electric Boundaries: Combi Cube & Combi-CB70E 

The celebration also introduced two state-of-the-art electric models, the Combi Cube and Combi-CB70E. The former, with its Dynamic 360 Steering system, exemplifies modern electric forklift technology. Touted as the market’s most compact 7-ton capacity counterbalance truck, the latter showcases Combilift’s continued commitment to ergonomic design.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Excellence 

As Combilift steps into the next quarter-century, its unwavering dedication to innovation is evident. The company not only upholds its legacy but also sets new industry benchmarks. With a laser focus on enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity, Combilift continues to solidify its position as a frontrunner in global material handling solutions.




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