Toyota Material Handling Earns Top Community Impact Award

Toyota Material Handling Earns Top Community Impact Award
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Indianapolis – In a significant recognition of corporate social responsibility and community engagement, Toyota Material Handling (TMH), a leader in the material handling industry, was recently awarded the 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Award for Community Impact. The award ceremony, held at the esteemed Bitwell Event Center, was a part of the Indiana Manufacturers Association‘s (IMA) Hall of Fame Luncheon, an annual event that celebrates the achievements of manufacturers in the state.

The Manufacturing Excellence Award is not just another accolade; it is a testament to the dedication and commitment of manufacturers who not only excel in their business operations but also make meaningful contributions to the communities they operate in. TMH’s receipt of this award underscores its position as a company that goes beyond business, deeply embedding community service into its core values.

Tony Miller, TMH’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Engineering & Strategic Planning, expressed his gratitude and pride in receiving the award. “At TMH, we believe that our responsibilities extend beyond our business operations. We are part of the community, and it’s our duty to contribute positively to it,” said Miller. He further emphasized that the award was a collective achievement, “Every member of the TMH family has played a part in this. From our policies to our partnerships, every decision is made keeping in mind the betterment of our community.”

One of the standout initiatives of TMH is its partnerships with community-focused organizations. Collaborations with the American Red Cross, United Way, and Anchor House are prime examples of TMH’s commitment to societal betterment. These partnerships are multifaceted, addressing various community needs ranging from housing and employment resources to nutritional assistance.

Moreover, TMH’s commitment is not just in terms of financial or resource contributions. The company believes in active ground-level participation. This was evident in 2022 when TMH associates came together to volunteer a commendable 12,000 hours, directly engaging with local organizations and initiatives. This hands-on approach not only resulted in an economic impact of $750,000 but also fostered a sense of community and unity among the TMH team.

As the news of Toyota Material Handling‘s recognition spreads, it serves as an inspiration for other businesses. It’s a reminder that companies, irrespective of their size or industry, have the power and responsibility to make a positive difference in society. With this award, TMH has set a benchmark, not just for its future endeavors but also for the broader manufacturing industry in Indiana and beyond.



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